The University of Stuttgart organises the joint workshop between the “Workshop of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung (DGKK) on Epitaxy of III-V Semiconductors” and the “German MBE Workshop” from November 27 – 29.

This event will be the 36th edition of the successful DGKK workshop series, with previous workshops hosted in Bremen (2022), Dresden (2019), Paderborn (2018) and Freiburg (2017).

Also, this event continues the long tradition of annual meetings for the German speaking MBE community within the DEMBE series after the last meetings in Bremen (2022), Göttingen (2021, online) and Würzburg (2019).

Since the last meeting in Bremen in 2022, which was for the first time organized as a joint workshop between both MOVPE and MBE communities, was received very well by all participants, we decided to continue this path and thus will bring together both communities again, this time in Fellbach near Stuttgart.

All topics related to the epitaxy of III-V semiconductors and selected novel materials are welcome, e.g.:

  • Homo- and heteroepitaxy
  • Semiconductor heterostructures
  • Nano- and quantum structures
  • Oxides
  • 2-dimensional semiconductors and topological insulators
  • Surfaces, defects and structural properties
  • Devices and applications: Emitters, detectors, sensors
  • MBE fundamentals
  • Epitaxy in production and industry
  • Characterization of semiconductors

Organizing commitee:

  • Michael Jetter
  • Peter Michler
  • Ana Ćutuk
  • Philipp Noack
  • Sonja Humphrey