The workshop center is located at the Schwabenlandhalle Fellbach (Guntram-Palm-Platz 1, 70734 Fellbach).

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Schwabenlandhalle Fellbach. Photo: Klaus Lehmann

Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.

Being the sixth-largest city in Germany, Stuttgart has a population of 626,275 while the metropolitan area has a population of 5.5 million (December 2021).

Stuttgart is spread across a variety of hills (some of them vineyards), valleys and parks – unusual for a German city and often a source of surprise to visitors who primarily associate the city with its industrial reputation as the ‘cradle of the automobile‘.

Stuttgart has the status of Stadtkreis, a type of self-administrating urban county.

It is also the seat of the state legislature, the regional parliament, local council and the Protestant State Church in Württemberg as well as one of the two co-seats of the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

For detailed information on current events in Stuttgart, please have a look at the official tourist guide.

Panorama of Stuttgart. Photo: Klaus Lehmann
Mercedes Benz Museum. Photo: Klaus Lehmann
Courtyard of the “Stuttgarter Altes Schloss”. Photo: Klaus Lehmann
Staatstheater Stuttgart. Photo: Klaus Lehmann